We are in for a real treat!

I first met then-17-year-old Gail upon my return to El Paso, Texas in late 1975 soon after I was discharged from the US Army. Though we had lived in adjacent subdivisions and attended the same elementary school during our childhood, due to various circumstances we had never crossed paths before that. She and I became more closely acquainted a couple of years after she was widowed and we have been friends ever since.

Gail is a spiritually gifted and multi-talented woman of God who has victoriously overcome vicious attacks by the enemy which would have caused most folks to despair of life itself. All those victories came about through the love and power of our mighty, gracious, and loving Savior.

Gail is possessed of a quick wit, keen insights, a compassionate heart, and a huge fund of stories illustrating the many life-lessons learned as she has journeyed with Jesus out of many years of physical/emotional/sexual abuse, codependency, and poverty.

Her first two articles are already posted and I know you will be blessed in reading them!

Dr. Steve Willis