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Just this last Easter, I heard this song for the very first time playing over the PA at the church we’ve been attending. I was so taken by it, I immediately went up to the nearest speaker and asked Siri to ID it for me, which then I immediately purchased.

Written and performed by a husband-wife team called Pennel, I was blown away by two aspects of this selection:

  1. The power of the message. This is truly a rock anthem for our current age, a call-to-arms for the Body of Christ to stand up for the Gospel no matter what it may cost us! And, may I add, that cost is growing exponentially by the day, even in the USA. Tragically, there are many who will not pay that cost to their eternal detriment.
  2. The power of the music. Pennel’s unique musical style defies categorization into a single genre and stands completely apart from the insipidness and same-song-different-lyrics pablum of the typical pop music airing on Christian radio. IMHO, the only other band demonstrating this kind of out-of-the-box uniqueness and creativity these days is We The Kingdom of Holy Water fame.

Such stand-out-from-the-crowd artists are pretty rare. Examples which immediately come to mind are Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, DeGarmo & Key, Resurrection Band, Phil Keaggy, Carman, Kerry Livgren, Lamb, Petra, Steve Taylor, Casting Crowns, and Jeremy Camp (I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so please don’t flame me for overlooking your favorite CCM artist(s) from days gone by!). 🙂

Since this song is so new on the scene, there are no lyrics to be found on the interwebs, so rather than posting an MP3 or the official music video together with the lyrics as is my usual practice, I have embedded another YouTube video containing the lyrics to kill two stones with one bird. 🙂

Enjoy and be blessed!

Thanks for reading!