William Burgess
The Master Plan of Evangelism cover

The Master Plan
of Evangelism

Robert E. Coleman

A solid Biblical basis for evangelism, but much more. This text lays out our job description for what it means to be a Christian.

God's Creative Power Will Work For You cover

God’s Creative Power
Will Work For You

Charles Capps

Short, sweet, and a life-changer. Such a wonderful tool to get God’s Word on my tongue and established in my heart. Every believer needs to keep a copy in their pocket or purse!

Victory & Dominion Over Fear cover

Victory & Dominion
Over Fear

Lester Sumrall

As I heard Lester Sumerall preach this, his words echoed in my soul, “Fear is a spirit. And you DO NOT have a spirit of fear. You HAVE the Spirit of God, and He is a Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!”

How You Can Be Led By The Spirit of God cover

How You Can Be Led
By The Spirit of God

Kenneth E. Hagin

A major life-changer. Though I was Spirit-filled, I had absolutely no clue how to tap into hearing, listening, and obeying the voice of the Spirit of God. This book opened my eyes!

Join This Chariot cover

Join This Chariot

T. L. Osborn

T. L. Osborn was my mentor-from-a-distance to bring me onto the mission field and into the beginning of working miracles. It all begins here, with the response to care about the lost.

Evangelism Explosion cover

Evangelism Explosion

D. James Kennedy

So logical and so easy to follow. Kennedy was a master at making personal evangelism accessible to the most gentle, even timid of souls. I witnessed many of this type of believer become effective witnesses for Christ as we used the Evangelism Explosion curriculum in our church.

Portraits of Vision cover

Portraits of Vision

Tommy Barnett

I wept when I read this book! I surrendered to the Lord’s call for me to pastor, telling Him, “If I can pastor like this (even a portion) I would obey the call.”

the todd white story cover

The Todd White Story

Todd White

A modern-day Peter, Paul, and the woman-at-the-well, all rolled into one! Todd will lift, enthrall, and compel you into exactly what you should be doing: being a super-effective fisher of men!