Why We Write

We humbly offer these writings to help our fellow Christ-followers.

Our hope is to compassionately show what God has said to all mankind through His Word — pulling down false doctrines, empty traditions, and demonic deceptions as well as to help reverse biblical illiteracy in the Church.

We don’t claim to have a corner on biblical Truth, only certain insights. All of us together desire to know Him more fully, and that is our goal as we diligently seek His face.

We also provide carefully-and-prayerfully-vetted, sincere, dedicated, talented, and scripturally-sound Christ-followers with a no-cost-of-entry venue in which they can:

  1. Freely communicate whatever the Holy Spirit has laid upon their hearts,
  2. Hone their writing skills, and;
  3. Grow an audience to hear them.

All of our writers are Steve’s personal friends and/or former pastors/mentors. He has known each of them for at least a decade, if not far longer. All of them have a proven track record of consistently speaking godly wisdom into Steve’s life, not to mention being friends “closer than a brother.” In each and every case, Steve can trust them with his life, his wife, and his last centavo. Their very presence here is Steve reciprocating that trust by allowing them access to you, our precious readers.