Lauren Daigle Survives Touching the 3rd Rail of Christendom & Pop Culture

The Back-Story

The incredible platinum-selling singer Lauren Daigle has been a relatively recent phenomenon in the Christian music industry. Entering the public eye as a 2-season American Idol contestant, since 2015 she has received multiple Dove awards and Grammy nominations for her work. Recently, she has appeared on national TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and Dancing With The Stars. Her most recent album, Look Up Child has been positively received by both Christians and the non-Christians alike. It has been #1 on the Christian music charts for over 18 weeks as of this writing and is ever climbing in the secular ones.

Ms. Daigle has a versatile vocal style which can in one song sound like Adel (Still Rolling Stones, for example), or Nora Jones (Rescue), and others such as Amy Winehouse, yet is always uniquely recognizable as herself. While some of her tunes are a little too modern pop for my admittedly old-school tastes, the lyrics for all her songs are pure gold. She is in the writing credits for every song on this album, so her creative fingerprints are all over its contents.

While her Wikipedia page says almost nothing about her personal history, it is obvious our talented and anointed sister-in-Christ has walked through and out of significant personal darkness by the grace of God and faith in His Word. Anyone who has overcome — or is in the midst of overcoming — depression, abuse, molestation, or rejection will immediately find solace and encouragement in many of her lyrics. I may not know her entire story, but as an abuse survivor, I can tell she is definitely someone who has been there and done that recovery-wise from something incredibly painful.
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