Divine Prosperity: Heresy or What? — Part 8: Objections to the Divine Prosperity Doctrine #1


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One of the poster-children of the anti-prosperity crowd is an internationally-famous-within-Christendom Calvinist theologian, pastor, and published author named John Piper. He is considered a theological titan among Calvinists. Despite his legendary reputation, I have to take issue with everything he asserts on this particular topic.

While I generally adhere to my own rule of not calling out other theologians by name over their doctrinal errors, Piper is the embodiment of the opposition and one of its most articulate voices, so I’ve made an exception in this specific case.

I first came across his views in a video shown on a Calvinist website called The Gospel Coalition. After viewing it, I refuted his statements in detail in the comments. Truthfully, I’ve written so many such refutations to bad doctrine there I was eventually banned from commenting on that site and they have conveniently provided no means to appeal their decision.

In fairness, I have embedded one of his videos here so you can see for yourself precisely what he said so I cannot be accused of misquoting him. I will be addressing his comments in the order he presents them.
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