The Rest of the Story


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In May 1976, a nationally renowned news commentator named Paul Harvey began broadcasting a 5-minute-or-so syndicated show on ABC Radio Networks called “The Rest Of The Story.” In each episode, he would recount a carefully-researched story containing fascinating, obscure facts about a famous person or significant moment in history, never identifying that person or moment until the very end. Harvey would then close each episode with his famous tag line, “And now you know… the rest of the story!” His show aired up until his death in 2009. His son, Paul, Jr., even published two books containing the stories his dad told in those shows. While I’m not even remotely going to emulate him here, his show’s title has stuck with me as the one I feel the Spirit wanted to use for this article.

Now to the topic at hand. I cannot even begin to count times I have heard sincere, dedicated, well-meaning Christian believers — even pastors and ministers! — incompletely quote various Bible passages, especially God’s promises. An excellent example is the following quote from Revelation which is almost universally cited to support the principle of spiritual warfare against Satan and his schemes:
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