Ask & You Shall Receive #14 — How to Pray When Your Life is on the Line


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On June 23, 2013, my brother in Christ, Nik Wallenda, established a new world record by being the first man to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope (actually a wire cable) without a safety net or tether. We watched the whole event with a strange combination of great suspense and spiritual joy as history was being made by a man who boldly, publicly, and unashamedly bore witness to the Living Christ while performing this incredible feat.
One of the things which impressed me about Nik is that he has been taught — and taught very well, I might add — how to pray effectively. As we watched, I thought to myself, “Self, I wish every believer could/would pray the same way. They’d sure get a lot more of their prayers answered!”
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