The Plague of Pietism #1 — Pietism vs Christianity


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The Barna Group recently found that 80% of professing Christians do not know how to apply their Christian beliefs to their everyday lives.

This condition is called “pietism.”

Pietism divides human existence between the “spiritual” and the “unspiritual” aka the “sacred” and the “secular,” therefore pietist Christians do not believe God’s Word has anything to say about law, government, economics, education, or popular culture. This results in pietists conforming to every area of American life because they view Christianity as what they do on Sunday and has nothing to do with every area of our everyday lives. It also opens them to strong delusion because our psychopathic enemy knows otherwise and is perfectly willing and able to exploit such a crucial weakness to achieve his own ends in both the lives of those pietists as well as the societies in which they live and — most importantly — vote.

As a result, we are observing in our day the results of pietistic Christianity. Because pietists have retreated from popular culture, the institutions of our culture have been annexed and overtaken by pagan men and women openly hostile to Jesus and His followers. Truthfully, there is little observable difference between pietists and the lost regarding political ideology/party affiliation, voting habits, work ethic, and other controversial hot-button issues such as abortion, secular feminism, and LGBTQ.
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