I Can Talk to God cover

I Can Talk to God…
anytime, anyplace

Jane Belk Moncure

This is my all time favorite children’s book. I have been sharing it with children for over 40 years.

My Utmost For His Highest cover

My Utmost For
His Highest

Oswald Chambers

How can I not give my best to God Who gave His best for me?

The Amplified Study Bible cover

The Amplified
Study Bible


The Amplified Bible unlocks the difficult wording in both Old and New testaments. Because it gives the various possible translations of each word, this Bible helps me gain depth of understanding.

The New Psychology of Achievement cover

The New Psychology
of Achievement

Brian Tracy

This book gave me an ethical springboard. I had previously seen myself as a victim (I wouldn’t have said so, but my actions did) and I had little fruit evident in my life. This book challenged my thought processes. The fruit in my life since then bears witness it was a good tool.

In His Steps cover

In His Steps

Charles M. Sheldon

A conscious choice to each day reevaluate my knee-jerk judgements of situations and thoughts about individuals changed me irrevocably. My compassion, empathy, and willingness to serve others have all increased by applying this text to my life.

Christy cover


Catherine Marshall

Christy is a moving tale of a young woman’s journey into the realities of adulthood. I read it three times in my teens. It changed my outlook on what a difference one person can make.

The Gift of Fear cover

The Gift of Fear

Gavin De Becker

Steve gave my first copy of this book 20 years ago. I have since purchased and shared many copies with other women.

Hearts of Fire cover

Hearts of Fire

Voice of the Martyrs

Hearts of Fire is my current read. Very moving, very inspiring.

The Dance of Anger cover

The Dance of Anger

Harriet Learner

The Dance of Anger is a psychology-based book. It helped me understand anger is not an unhealthy emotion in and of itself.

You Are Special cover

You Are Special

Max Lucado

Another book Steve gave me 20 or so years ago. Though intended as a children’s book, it’s great for all ages; I just used it to bless the ladies at a recent women’s group meeting.