ask and you shall receive book cover image

Ask & You Shall Receive!

Mark Stevens Willis, PhD

This is the 2nd edition of my first book. The 1st edition was the dissertation for the first of my 2 doctorates. If you apply the concepts found in this book, it will revolutionize your prayer life!

Final Quest cover

The Final Quest Trilogy

Rick Joyner

I first read this book soon after it was published in the 90s. How it drastically altered the course of my life for the better over the following decade is too lengthy to recount here.

The Normal Christian Life

Watchman Nee

The final chapter significantly and drastically altered my attitude towards Christian ministry.

He Is There and He Is Not Silent cover

He Is There And He Is Not Silent

Francis Schaeffer

I first read this book soon after it was published in the 70s. It gave me great confidence that Christianity more than holds its own intellectually & philosophically.

Tactics cover


Greg Koukl

This book was a massive game-changer for me, giving me a huge confidence boost when witnessing to atheists and other skeptics. I’ve reread this book several times.

You Are Special cover

You Are Special

Max Lucado

An awesome children’s book which eloquently but simply drives home the difference between how God sees me vs. fellow human beings. A great book for adults, as well — God used it to move me away from a shame-based performance-oriented mindset!

The Gift of Fear cover

The Gift of Fear

Gavin De Becker

Written by the conceptual father of psychological profiling, this book taught me to trust my gut instincts about people. That knowledge has saved me from more than a few headaches and heartaches. I heartily recommend this book for anyone, especially for all women of all ages.