Ask & You Shall Receive #15:
A Brief Discussion on Miracles

No true believer has problems with the Bible describing God’s miracles in the ancient past — we’re all in agreement the Word accurately portrays such events, so there is no controversy there at all.

It’s only when you start talking about God performing miracles in the modern day where you will generally have two kinds of reactions. Those who believe God still does them get really excited. Those who don’t get really freaked out. There is no middle ground — it’s a totally polarizing concept!

An interesting point-of-fact in this whole debate is that every born-from-above believer on the planet has experienced at least one miracle in his or her life, without a single exception. You might even protest my claim, saying, “I’ve never experienced a miracle!” Au contraire, you have definitely experienced at least one miracle: Which miracle do I speak of, you may ask?

The New Birth!
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A Brief Discussion on Miracles”

They Speak With Other Tongues #8:
Slain in the Spirit?

Along with tongues, divine healing, divine prosperity, the charismatic phenomenon of being “slain in the Spirit” completes the list of the most divisive concepts to separate the Body of Christ in the postmodern era.

Frankly, there has been some colossally bad biblical scholarship on both side of this debate.

So we’re going to take a shot at exploring this and determining whether or not it is real, scriptural, and godly.
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Slain in the Spirit?”

They Speak With Other Tongues #7:
The Rest of the Gifts

Back in the fourth article in this series, I presented the 9 gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12. In subsequent articles on this topic, we have discussed 3 of those gifts, the ones commonly referred to as the “utterance gifts:”

  1. Unknown tongues
  2. Interpretation of tongues
  3. Prophesy

Now, after a lengthy hiatus, we will hit the remaining six in the list. The reason I’m lumping them into this one article is that these gifts are almost always manifested in some combination with one another to accomplish whatever the Spirit wills at the time. As a result, it’s almost impossible to provide examples illustrating any one of them in operation by itself.
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The Rest of the Gifts”