A Tragic Scandal

In May of 2020, those of us involved with Christian apologetics — whether peripherally as I am or vitally as the major focus of our ministries — mourned the untimely passing of a giant in that theological discipline, Ravi Zacharias.

I have always looked up to that man as a hero of the faith, the personification of what a Christian minister is supposed to be and how to act in the face of strident opposition and the public ridicule of our faith. No matter how hostile the questioner was he faced, Ravi refused to limit his interactions with atheists and the like to a dispassionate philosophical discourse, but gently attempted to reach the heart of that person with the love of Christ while responding with his incredible people skills, powerful anointing, towering intellect, and encyclopedic knowledge of Christianity, philosophy, and comparative religion.

All believers and ministers should strive to embody this kind of behavior.

Tragically, Ravi harbored a terrible secret, a sin which, had it come to light during his lifetime, would have seen his entire ministry discredited and destroyed. You see, it appears he was a closet sexual addict.

Lest there be any mistaken assumptions on your part as to where this article is going, let me hasten to assure you I will not be bashing Ravi, here or elsewhere — such a response is nowhere near God’s heart concerning such situations!
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A Journey of Forgiveness

…but the righteous man shall live by faith Romans 1:17b9 NASB

Many Christians struggle in their faith walk with popular gospel topics like healing and finances. I think I have put more faith effort in forgiveness and trust than in anything else.

I get in the way of “getting” forgiveness. My emotions storm and rage like a hurricane when I am told the one thing — the ONE thing — God wants from me right now is forgiveness of others. Others who, in my opinion, deserve no forgiveness, no grace, no peace.

It’s a good thing He is God and I am not.
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It Is Well

It is well, it is well with my soul.

Life sometimes deals us events which can crush us to the core of our being.

You have had them. So have I.

Such an event — by itself — does not dictate our path ahead, though. It is our perceptions, our decisions, and our internal dialogue — both at the time of the event and thereafter — which give weight to that event.
Let me flesh this out for you.
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