It Is Well

By | 30 Oct 2019

It is well, it is well with my soul. Life sometimes deals us events which can crush us to the core of our being. You have had them. So have I. Such an event — by itself — does not dictate our path ahead, though. It is our perceptions, our decisions, and our internal dialogue — both at… Read More »

The Plague of Pietism #3
Speaking Your Truth

By | 20 Oct 2019

A couple of phrases have arisen of late within modern pop culture and political discourse. Those phrases are “speaking your truth” and “speaking truth to power.” So let’s dig into the concept of “truth” and see what we discover. Objective Truth The subtitle here is actually repetitively redundant. Truth IS objective. There is no “my” truth or “your”… Read More »

Welcome, Gail!

By | 1 Oct 2019

We are in for a real treat! I first met then-17-year-old Gail upon my return to El Paso, Texas in late 1975 soon after I was discharged from the US Army. Though we had lived in adjacent subdivisions and attended the same elementary school during our childhood, due to various circumstances we had never crossed paths before that.… Read More »