Our New Bookstore

By | 5 Jan 2022
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Hi, all!

We have just opened the doors of our online bookstore!

What We Have to Offer

Author’s Picks Sections

First, our contributors here will present a list of the transformational books which have most greatly impacted our personal walks with God. In other words, the Holy Spirit has used these selections to impact our lives and ministries far above and beyond any other books we’ve ever read other than the Bible itself.

Topical Sections

We also have other lists of books organized topically.

Our Assurance to You

Regardless of topic, we have carefully curated this selection of writings using the following criteria:

  • The Christian titles are Christ-centered, biblically faithful, and doctrinally sound.
  • The secular titles present nothing which conflicts with the Scriptures.
  • All are written by reputable and topically authoritative authors.
  • They are spiritually constructive or otherwise uplifting.
  • They are valuable for building healthy relationships with our families and fellow Christ-followers.
  • They are useful in honing our witness to the lost.


The store is currently a work in progress as we list our initial titles. Once that task is complete, we will add more titles whenever we encounter other books worth sharing with you, so keep checking in to see what’s new!

Feel free to submit titles for our consideration using our contact form. While we cannot guarantee your recommendations will be added, we can assure you they will be seriously considered.


So what are we going to do with the money we earn from sales?

All proceeds go directly into a fund devoted exclusively to financing our operating costs and future expansion.

Your ongoing patronage helps keep us growing and is greatly appreciated!

Miscellaneous Ramblings is an Amazon Associate

Miscellaneous Ramblings is a participant in the Amazon Associates program. This means:

  • We receive a small commission from Amazon.com for every purchase made through our site.
  • Amazon handles all payment processing and order fulfillment. Therefore, your personal/payment information cannot be stolen from Miscellaneous Ramblings by hackers.
  • Purchasing here flows seamlessly with your pre-existing Amazon or Amazon Prime account.
  • All book formats available on Amazon.com and Audible.com — Kindle, paperback, hardback, or audiobook — may be purchased here.

Bottom line? Other than our commission, buying here is exactly the same as purchasing directly from Amazon.com, including Amazon Prime shipping times.

Thanks for reading and please buy some books!