The Crucial Process of Forgiveness


A year or so prior to the date of this post, my high school class from San Leandro High School in San Leandro, California celebrated its 40th reunion. When I heard about it, I planned to go until the Lord convicted me that I was attending with the wrong motives. So in obedience, I chose to stay home and instead bear witness to the cause of Christ and His miraculous doings in my life during the 39 years since I had seen them last.

This is the post, with only minor edits, that I wrote to the Facebook group created for that reunion explaining my intended absence from the event. It also contains quite a bit of my early personal history that not many people know about, even my brothers and sisters in Christ.
After reading that message, you’ll find some teaching on forgiveness I believe God inspired me to write for you.
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The Rise of Christianity

ender's game book cover imageMy life-long absolute favorite genre of literature, film, and computer gaming is science fiction. Sci-fi has captured my imagination since I was in 3rd grade or so when I would check out and voraciously consume stacks of novels by Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, and others from the El Paso Public Library — I have never outgrown my passion for the genre, to my wife’s dismay when selecting movies to watch. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, you name it, I love it! 🙂
And among my favorite sci-fi writers is a man named Orson Scott Card. He is the author of Ender’s Game — one of my favorite sci-fi books, I might add, that is about to be released as a major motion picture — as well as a host of other books in that genre, not to mention biographies of biblical characters, and books on how to be successful at writing science fiction as an author. Card is widely acknowledged not only as a great author (numerous awards including the Hugo Award for science fiction), but also for his portrayals of characters who face and work through moral dilemmas.
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Unequally Yoked

Recently, there was a question posed by a Facebook friend and former fellow church member concerning interracial and interfaith marriages.
I responded that God had no problem with interracial marriages (I have proven my personal commitment to that concept: I’m a Caucasian married to an Asian, a beautiful and godly Filipina), but that God was absolutely against interfaith (Christian and non-Christian) marriages and even business partnerships. I based that statement on a passage from Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians which reads as follows:
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