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Divine Prosperity: Heresy or What? #7:
General Characteristics of Each Side of the Debate

By | 2 Mar 2019

In this installment, I would like to offer some personal observations contrasting each side of this debate. Pro-Prosperity We believe God is a good God and always gives us good gifts and it is Satan — not God — who is stealing, killing, and destroying in the lives of believers and non-believers alike. We are prone to fight… Read More »

How to Properly Interpret Scripture

By | 1 Jun 2012

Introduction I’m going to take a short break away from my series of articles entitled “They Speak With Other Tongues” and address a question I believe to be crucial in dealing with any aspect of Christian doctrine: how do we correctly interpret what the Bible is actually saying to us?. What I’m about to share is how I… Read More »