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God’s Word — Part 1:
What Exactly Is The Bible?

In this series, I’m about to answer two questions I believe to be crucial to our understanding of Christianity: What is the Bible? How do we correctly grasp what we read in it? Why Should This Topic Concern Us? Tragically, some so-called Christians misuse the Bible to preach hate against various groups: racial minorities, interracial marriages, homosexuals, and… Read More »

God’s Word — Part 2:
How Do We Interpret What the Bible is Saying?

By | 1 Jun 2012

In my previous article in this series, we explored what the Bible is, where it came from, and what it has to say about itself. In this installment, we’ll tackle the question posed in this article’s title. The answers I’m about to provide here are the principles I use whenever I examine the Scriptures and am seeking God… Read More »