Christian No-Nos

I’m taking a second break away from my prayer series to write something God has put on my heart. Or as Monty Python used to say, “And now for something completely different!”

And no, I’m not about to talk about home laser body-hair removal devices for sale on TV (ORDER NOW!!! OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY!!! 🙂 )

Very recently, I had a phone conversation about the things of God with a close friend and former employer who I’ve known for over 50 years. During that conversation, he spoke of an author who claimed to have been given visions of both heaven and hell and what that minister had said concerning things God has a real problem with, even to the point that those who indulge in them would not make it to heaven.

While I disagree with the idea our obedience or lack thereof can make a difference regarding our eternal destiny, I absolutely do agree that there are certain behaviors and attitudes which certainly call into question whether someone is born-again in the first place. At the very least, such things will cripple your walk with God and your witness to the lost. Any way we cut it, they are so serious in God’s eyes that we dare not treat them glibly.

After some prayerful consideration on the matter, I feel like God gave me a short list of items that could be used as evidence that someone other than Jesus is your true lord. Here they are in no particular order:
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A Scriptural View of Homosexuality & Homosexuals

Quite awhile back, I watched an episode of Dr. Phil where they were exploring the issue of homosexuality vs. Christianity. One of the lesbians appearing in that episode made the following statement:

Let’s not forget that the Bible was used to deny women the right to vote, to support slavery and look what “good and decent Christians” did to our Native Americans in the name of Christianity. Homosexuality, I believe, is a test made by God for all those “Christians” on THE primary commandment and fundamental basis of ALL religions…to love one another as thyself. To say, I love everyone BUT… negates everything you just said. There is a pyramid of hate and the bottom levels starts with the unacceptable and name calling and escalates to the violence and murder of innocent people.
Seriously think about what you are saying when you say, “I love everyone but don’t talk about it.” It’s okay if I’m straight, and talk about my dating life, or children or husband but you can’t say a word about your life. Would you want to go to work and live your life in silence? I think not.
I’m okay in the eyes of God, loved and accepted for who I am… a lesbian, newly “married” to a wonderful woman, active in my church and my community.

A much more accurate statement would have been: “Let us not forget that the Bible was MISUSED to deny women the vote, to support slavery, etc.” and for that matter, justifying a whole host of ungodly acts (why didn’t she include the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition, while she was at it?).” Just because misguided people of the past misinterpreted the Bible to support their various agendas does not negate the Truth of God’s Word nor its demands upon our lives, behaviors, and relationships.
Christianity and it’s foundation, Judaism, are the only world religions whose fundamental operating principle is to love others as we love ourselves. That is a direct quote from Jesus Christ Who was defining the most important of the laws found in the Jewish Torah and no other founder of any world religion or any other so-called “holy book” for any of those religions says anything remotely like it.
I’m fed up with people, gay or Christian, equating the Bible’s stand on homosexuality with hatred and intolerance. Does God hate homosexuals? Absolutely not! Are His followers commanded to hate them? Not even close! Does He hate all types of sinful behavior, homosexuality included? You bet!
On top of that, I’ve met numerous homosexuals and lesbians over the years and only one of them fell into the “atheist” category described in the first chapter of Romans. You know the common thread I’ve found in every one of the rest? They all were severely abused and/or molested/raped as children or young adults. Puts a little different light on the issue, doesn’t it? Having been abused/molested doesn’t justify their sin, but it sure explains a lot about why they ended up the way they did. And I’m not the only believer in the Body of Christ who has noticed the strong connection between homosexuality/lesbianism and pedophilia.
If you identify yourself as a homosexual, you are indeed loved and accepted by God just as you are. He also loves you way too much to allow you to remain in that sinful lifestyle unchallenged. And your religious works won’t save you, just like the dead religious works of adulterers, murderers, drunkards, the power-hungry, gossips, and others won’t save them.
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