Critical Thinking #5:
My Analysis of That Conversation

After releasing my previous article, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to write an analysis of Jake’s assertions using the principles I listed and discussed in in the first three parts of this series on Critical Thinking. In obedience, we will now analyze that encounter so you can take that knowledge into any future discussions with Christianity’s ideological opponents.

All this stuff can initially come across as dry, academic, philosophical double-talk, but as you can see from that encounter, there are lost souls at stake. And that’s not to mention church pews — and sometimes even platforms! — populated by spiritually immature, scripturally-illiterate Christians who are being propagandized into apostasy by pop culture narratives at this very moment.

You may not be called to be a full-time Christian apologist as the primary focus of your ministry, but all Christ-followers are called to be apologists-on-demand as the Holy Spirit brings us into divine appointments with those He is wooing to Himself (1 Peter 3:15).

In other words, we are safely standing beside the road to Hell and the Holy Spirit occasionally uses one of us to wave folks down who are blindly racing headlong towards an excruciatingly painful forever. All it takes is influencing one person away from such a fate to make it worth all the effort. There but for the grace of God…
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My Analysis of That Conversation”

Critical Thinking #4:
My Conversation With an Atheist

One could easily assume that after almost 50 years of being a Christ-follower — and having earned advanced degrees in theology to boot! — I would have had more than a few opportunities to interact with dyed-in-the-wool atheists. The truth of the matter is I have had only one such encounter that I can remember; it occurred back in January 2020.

The following is my account of that event.
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My Conversation With an Atheist”

Yes To The Cost

Just this last Easter, I heard this song for the very first time playing over the PA at the church we’ve been attending. I was so taken by it, I immediately went up to the nearest speaker and asked Siri to ID it for me, which then I immediately purchased.
Written and performed by a husband-wife team called Pennel, I was blown away by two aspects of this selection:

  1. The power of the message. This is truly a rock anthem for our current age, a call-to-arms for the Body of Christ to stand up for the Gospel no matter what it may cost us! And, may I add, that cost is growing exponentially by the day, even in the USA. Tragically, there are many who will not pay that cost to their eternal detriment.
  2. The power of the music. Pennel’s unique musical style defies categorization into a single genre and stands completely apart from the insipidness and same-song-different-lyrics pablum of the typical pop music airing on Christian radio. IMHO, the only other band demonstrating this kind of out-of-the-box uniqueness and creativity these days is We The Kingdom of Holy Water fame.

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