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He is Risen! #2

By | 7 Apr 2012

Once again it is the most significant holiday, in fact the only truly scriptural holiday, in the Christian calendar: Easter. Our church does a huge outreach during this season, trying to reach the CEOs (Christmas & Easter Only) of our community. As part of this, we celebrated Good Friday by serving communion and praying for people by our… Read More »

Who’s In Charge?
The Cosmic Battle For Control

By | 16 Dec 2011

There is a very short list of the items we’re supposed to be majoring in as Christians. This is God’s order of priorities established from the foundations of the world. Everything else can be neatly summed up under one of these four: Submit to God. Love one another. Control our flesh. Resist the devil. Simple isn’t it? But… Read More »

Acts of God — Not! #6:
The Promises of God

By | 16 Dec 2010

In the last 5 posts, I’ve been making the case the God of the Bible does not go around killing His children, inflicting them with diseases, or causing disasters nowadays. This post, we’ll continue exploring the promises of God. In my last post, we discussed how God has sovereignly limited His own sovereignty by telling us in His… Read More »