A Prayer Against the Corona Virus

One of the most effective ways to pray and be completely confident we are praying in agreement with the will of God is to pray Scripture verses.


Because by definition, His promises are His will, period, full stop, end of story.

The following is a prayer I felt led of the Lord to compose so my fellow Christ-followers here at Miscellaneous Ramblings and elsewhere have both an example of such a prayer as well as a situationally-relevant weapon to wield against the current corona virus pandemic.

Stand in faith, my friends!
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It Is Well

It is well, it is well with my soul.

Life sometimes deals us events which can crush us to the core of our being.

You have had them. So have I.

Such an event — by itself — does not dictate our path ahead, though. It is our perceptions, our decisions, and our internal dialogue — both at the time of the event and thereafter — which give weight to that event.
Let me flesh this out for you.
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Small Choices — Big Consequences

My son Talon died early in the morning on what should have been the day he graduated from high school.

That Friday was payday for him. Talon got a text, inviting him to a party — a graduation party. The party moved from house to house through the evening, and, eventually to a “farm party” in a field north of town. The kids built a bonfire, blasted the music, and danced. No doubt, my son was the life of the party, entertaining with stories and laughing with his friends.

Someone provided alcohol, and another person brought an entire pillow case of prescription drugs.

Talon made a choice, to drink from the pass-around bottle(s), and then to take the little pills that were supposed to “make you feel better.”

“Cops!” someone cried, and everyone loaded into their cars to escape a “minor in possession,” or MIP ticket.

Talon made a choice.

He chose to drive, knowing he was under the influence.
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