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Guardians of the Orthodoxy

By | 18 Jul 2024

This week, my wife and I binge-watched Season 4 of The Chosen. In general, I tend to thoroughly enjoy this series. I have few, if any, problems with their portrayal of events actually recorded in the Gospels, including its accounts of miraculous healings. On the other hand, I do have a serious problem with Dallas Jenkins’ underlying agenda… Read More »

Church & State

By | 27 Jun 2024

One of the many phrases repeatedly trumpeted by so-called political and religious “progressives” is that the US Constitution clearly defines an absolute separation between church and state. Historians attribute that verbiage to Thomas Jefferson, among others. However, that specific phrase is conspicuous by its absence within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As with all high-quality deceptions,… Read More »

Are We Truly in the End Times?
Part #1: Introduction

By | 20 Mar 2024

Lately, I’ve been completely rethinking my views on eschatology, that branch of theological study dealing with the “last days” aka the “end times.” For the first 50 years of my walk with God, I was aligned to one degree or another with the prevailing dispensationalist school of theology which has championed the ideas of the Rapture of the… Read More »

Are We Truly in the End Times?
Part #2: Some Terminology & History

By | 20 Mar 2024

Now that we’ve explored the challenges involved with interpreting prophecy, now let’s define its terminology and explore some ancient history along the way. Because imprecise terminology is a prime tool of deceivers and propagandists, it’s crucial for us to clearly define our terms so we’ll all be on the same page whenever I mention them. I will also… Read More »

Are We Truly in the End Times?
Part #3: The Late, Great Planet Earth?

By | 20 Mar 2024

Now that we’ve explored the challenges involved when interpreting prophesy, established some commonly-bandied-about terms, and examined some significant historical events surrounding some of them, we’ll now tackle the prevalent mythos surrounding this complex topic. As the title of this article indicates, it involves the pervasive false beliefs arising from Hal Linsey’s book. Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to… Read More »

He Gets Us

By | 19 Feb 2024

As you’ve probably guessed, my title comes from two controversial ads broadcast during the 2024 Super Bowl. Since they were aired, there has been a flurry of negative commentary on them from those proclaiming themselves as Christians on social media. Many of those folks have gone so far as to label the ads as satanic. Curious about what… Read More »