Trump’s So-Called "Sexgate Scandal"

I would like to clarify my stance on the whole Trump-sex-talk debacle. I have posted several memes on Facebook pointing out the massive hypocrisy of the whole matter and to some, that may have looked like I’m defending Trump and what he said, compromising my Christian witness in the process. Let me make myself perfectly clear:

There is no combination of persons and circumstances which could ever make his words acceptable, excuse his words, or exonerate him for saying them, period, full stop.

His words were and are reprehensible, offensive, ungodly, and demeaning to women everywhere, period, full stop.

However, for folks to presumptively occupy an imaginary moral high ground from which they can pass judgment on the man over this matter is hypocritical beyond description. More on that later…
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The Prison of Perfectionism

Very recently, I discovered one of the most remarkable and talented musical artists I’ve ever run across, a delightfully vivacious elfin young violinist named Lindsey Stirling, who composes and performs amazing original music pieces combining her virtuoso violin playing with electronic music. On top of that, she comes up with the most awe-inspiring, mind-blowing concept music videos to showcase those compositions, several of which have gone viral on YouTube.
Shatter Me Album CoverTypically, Lindsey’s originals are instrumental, but her latest release, Shatter Me, was sung by a powerful vocalist named Lzzy Hale. The song’s music video is visual tour-de-force, perfectly capturing its message.
“What is the song’s message?” you may ask.
Breaking free from the prison of perfectionism.
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He is Risen! #1

Happy Resurrection Day!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the single most significant event in the history of the world: the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
This is not a doctrine that we believe lacking proof or despite evidence to the contrary, but it is an actual historical event that has been attested to by secular and church historians alike. The death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ are the most thoroughly and completely documented events in ancient history. Point of fact, there is better historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ and what He said, did, and experienced than Socrates, Julius Caesar, Confucius, Gilgamesh, Zoroaster, and all the other famous ancient figures who came before Him put together.
But this is not a treatise on apologetics and there are many far more learned men than I who have dealt with this subject in far greater detail, with far greater scholarship, and with far greater expertise than I could possibly muster.
What I want to address is the significance of the resurrection as it affects our daily human lives. Jesus is intensely practical and would have condemned discussions of His Word that were merely theoretical or abstractly theological, and not expressed with the simplicity of a child and practically applicable in our relationships with Him and one another. Christianity is not only to be believed, but to be lived!
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