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Jesus is Coming Soon! #2:
What About the United States?

By | 31 Aug 2011

One of the things which fascinates me lately is how we Christ-followers are so double-minded about the end times. On one hand, there are those of us who spend a great deal of time, effort, and money proclaiming we are in the closing seconds of the remaining minute of the final hour of the last days before Jesus’… Read More »

The God Who Speaks

By | 30 May 2011

As I described in my very first post, there exists a philosophy I call “man’s religion”, not in the sense of gender, but of mankind. And I covered there many of the major distinctions between man’s religion and true, biblical Christianity in that post. One of the misconceptions about God inherent to man’s religion is He is silent.… Read More »

Jesus is Coming Soon! #1:
Errors in Eschatology

By | 20 May 2011

Maranatha! This word has been the hope of all believers since Jesus checked out of here at the Ascension. It’s an Aramaic word meaning, “Our Lord will come!” We believers have been looking forward to that epochal event for just over 21 centuries now. Jesus’ return to this earth in His Godhead glory has been considered one of… Read More »

He is Risen! #1

By | 24 Apr 2011

Happy Resurrection Day! Today we celebrate the anniversary of the single most significant event in the history of the world: the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This is not a doctrine we believe lacking proof or despite evidence to the contrary, but it is an actual historical event which has been attested to by secular and… Read More »

Acts of God — Not! #10:
Temptations, Trials & Tribulations

By | 21 Feb 2011

Over the last 9 posts, I’ve been making the case that God doesn’t go around killing Christ-followers, inflicting sickness and disease on them, and causing disasters. I hope to make this the final post in this series and to move on to other topics as the Lord leads. In this article, I want to address the issue of… Read More »

Acts of God — Not! #9:
What Is Suffering for Jesus?

By | 19 Feb 2011

The last 8 posts (sheesh I can be long-winded!) 🙂 I’ve been making the case that God doesn’t go around killing Christ-followers, causing them disasters, and the like. We’ve covered the related issues of covenants, the sovereignty of God, the authority of believers, the promises of God in His Word, the role of Satan, and Jesus being “God-in-sandals,”… Read More »