The Plague of Pietism #3
Speaking Your Truth

A couple of phrases have arisen of late within modern pop culture and political discourse. Those phrases are “speaking your truth” and “speaking truth to power.” So let’s dig into the concept of “truth” and see what we discover.

Objective Truth

The subtitle here is actually repetitively redundant.

Truth IS objective.

There is no “my” truth or “your” truth, only “the” truth, period. Truth is not subject to personal preferences, desires, needs, frame-of-reference, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, family history, genetics, skin color, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, or any other of a host of internal or external factors.

Truth simply is.
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Speaking Your Truth”

The Plague of Pietism #2:
Secular Humanism & Postmodernism

What is Secular Humanism?

Point of fact: secular humanism is a religion in its own right.


I was, too, when I stumbled across an article mentioning how the United States Supreme Court had declared it as such in the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488).

“Man is the measure of himself” as expressed visually in Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is their creed and motto (see the entire Star Trek franchise for a vivid portrayal of this philosophy in action within in a fantasy world having no basis in reality).

So what are the tenets of this religion?
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Secular Humanism & Postmodernism”

The Rest of the Story


In May 1976, a nationally renowned news commentator named Paul Harvey began broadcasting a 5-minute-or-so syndicated show on ABC Radio Networks called “The Rest Of The Story.” In each episode, he would recount a carefully-researched story containing fascinating, obscure facts about a famous person or significant moment in history, never identifying that person or moment until the very end. Harvey would then close each episode with his famous tag line, “And now you know… the rest of the story!”

His show aired up until his death in 2009. His son, Paul, Jr., even published two books containing the stories his dad told in those shows. While I’m not even remotely going to emulate him here, his show’s title has stuck with me as the one I feel the Spirit wanted to use for this article.
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